kamalakhans replied to your post: cw daddy doms

i saw an older man w/ a younger woman today and she was wearing a t-shirt that said ‘daddy’s little girl’ or smth and i nearly deleted irl



labioratory replied to your post: okay but the whole tumblr trend of mak…

all of it makes me just [screaming internally] is2g ppl be like “i wanna stand outside ur house at night then break into while you’re sleeping n maybe tickle ur nose a little *cute emoji*”

evilhappilymarried replied to your post: okay but the whole tumblr trend of mak…

omg in general those “x character doing cute things uwu emojis” are so annoying. the dragon one is so fucking weird.

…what dragon post.

am i gonna regret asking this?

cw daddy doms

misterandry replied to your post: “okay but the whole tumblr trend of making sex-related text posts w/…”:
there was a post like ‘daddy can i have cummies’ and i almost deleted on the spot


can we just put all daddy doms on an island and have them fight to the death or

okay but the whole tumblr trend of making sex-related text posts w/ childish flower emojis needs to end 

that one CUTIES HAVING SQUIRMY ORGASMS UWU (◕ ‿ ◕✿) post is the stuff nightmares are made of but im not that annoyed @ the op bc they’re probably like, 16

i’m just srsly freaked out by the fact that literally thousands of grown-ass adults on this site are reblogging babytalk posts about fucking orgasms


a lot of the pseudo romantic posts on this site stress me out bc

  1. everyone talks about eating ass but how many people actually practice good hygiene is a mystery to me 
  2. strange emoji usage+creepy baby talk
  3. most of it gives off “we gonna bone in the dumpster” type vibes

ill pray for u all


i know im only 21 but sometimes i see mutual follows who are just now turning 16 and im just


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unimpressed2chainz asked: did you just call mint chocolate chip darksided bye felicia


What you need to understand is that my grandparents made the difficult decision to leave their children behind with relatives and come to Canada seeking a better life. They scrimped and saved, working low-paying jobs, hoping to earn enough money to be able to send for their four children all at once. My grandfather never saw those children again: he died here in Toronto while my grandmother was pregnant with her youngest son, the only one of her children to be born in Canada. She continued on alone, leaning on her community for support; holding down two jobs and finding extra work wherever she could, until she was able to make her family whole again.

Now, after all of that pain and loss and struggle and triumph, with the weight of my mother and her mother before her’s expectations on my shoulders, you expect me to turn around and — fully aware of the sacrifices made by Joseph Whyte and Mavis Grant so that future generations may have opportunities never afforded them — eat a bowl of toothpaste with chocolate chips in it that the capitalist scum ice cream manufacturers have convinced you is a valid flavour?

Who hurt you?

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