What one should love about me is the fact that I’m a strong and capable woman, perfectly capable of handling this storm in a teacup. 


im out. goodnite.

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A U | Teen Wolf as The Fades (req @musguita)

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*tips muppet* m’namana

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Harry Potter AU instead of sorting hat, McGonnagal plays Lady Marmalade and see if the kid is lipsynching to Christina, Mya, Pink or Lil Kim 


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As a Muslim feminist woman of color, I cannot relate to Slutwalks as it caters mostly to the definition of emancipation set by white women. Slutwalks deviate in terms of delivering the message against sexual assault. It turns a blind eye to women of cultures where flimsy clothes don’t necessarily lead to rapes. Muslim women get raped too. Nassim Elbardouh is right. “Do Not Rape” Walk sounds better. This isn’t to say that I don’t support Slutwalks. I simply can’t relate to a liberating movement that does not liberate nor acknowledge me. Western feminism, despite its undeniable achievements, still perpetuates the image of a white woman as the liberated one. If these feminists do claim to represent all women, they need to understand the dynamics of the cultures other women hail from. Don’t care if you’re wearing a thong or burka, no one has the right to rape you. Burka clad brown Muslim women get raped too. Represent us. I want a movement that represents me regardless of my color and creed. End victim blaming and rape culture by representing everyone.

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